Small development.

Well. This is embarrassing.

So I dropped out of uni...Actually 'dropped out' is such a harsh way of putting it. I didn't fail at anything, I haven't left because I can't figure out how to use the microwave, I have tactfully withdrawn. Turns out, I don't want to be a journalist at all. SUCH FUN! It just happens to have taken me two months and a small breakdown in Bournemouth park to realise it.

But DON'T PANIC. Because I know you were. I have an utterly brilliant plan. Music has always been the thing I most enjoy in life, and when I look back (wistfully, often out of a window) at my time here, the parts I most enjoyed were music related. So. With this is mind I decided to search around a bit, see what else was out there, and I found Music Promotion.

This course is me in a nutshell. At Southampton Solent, it's only half an hour on the train from my beloved Bournemouth so you haven't quite gotten rid of me yet MUAHAHA. But seriously, the course looks insane, the uni is wicked, one of the lecturers is mates with Dave Grohl...


...sorry had to calm down about that again. It's going to take me into the industry I want to be in, doing the jobs I want to do, stalking the bands I want to stalk...
I am absolutely gutted to leave Bournemouth, I really am. I've loved everything about uni here: being able to have a shower at 4am, Dominos within walking distance...what is not to love? Leaving my flat, and going back to live in a village, with the slowest fucking broadband in the country will be a ballache. The download speeds here are wild compared to Bassingham.

But most of all I'm going to miss the people.
Connor, I will miss your disturbing stare, and your tiger onesie, and everytime I hear gangnam style I will think of you.
Harrison, jesus christ.
Elliott, who will educate me about politics and read out my work in a ridiculous way?!
Jess, I knew you were a keeper when you left an insanely hot guy to save me. You are the nicest.
Petro. Petro Petro Petro. Can't even say it all on here it's not internet friendly. Niggas.

I'm taking the gap year I should have taken straight away. I'm going to get a job, get some work experience, perfect my pasta bake, and listen to a shit ton of music.

See you for round 2 in 2013.

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