Times are a' changin

It's all go in Lloydo's life here in Bournemouth. Had you told me several weeks ago that these things would be happened I wouldn't even have been able to laugh in your face because I'd be on the floor corpsing.

Numero uno, I have stopped eating crisps. Good lord just writing that made my heart feel funny. Anyone who knows me well enough will understand how big of a deal this is. I don't just eat crisps. I live and breathe them. I think they are the greatest snack item of all time. One time I dreamt I had a bath in skips and ate my way out. It was basically porn. But I have stopped, I haven't bought any for some time now. There's a packet of Sensations under my desk that have been there for OVER 3 HOURS. I am a new woman.

Numero dos, Rachel II and I went to the gym. I spent so long on the treadmill that when the time came to move I was walking like we were playing charades and I'd got the moon landing. It was a bizarre sensation so I sat down for a long time and pretended to stretch. Really I was just coming to terms with the fact that I, Rachel Lloyd, had just exercised of my own free will. We also attempted the cross-trainers. That made me feel even more ridiculous than the unintentional Neil Armstrong impression. I haven't been back yet but, here's the thing, I plan to. Secretly I quite enjoyed the whole experience and since I've cut down on the one thing that was probably going to kill me, I figure a little exercise will do just the trick to get my heart's age down from about 80 to 18.

Numero tres (spanish is holding up well here) I joined The Rock, our University newspaper. I'm on the News design team which meant today I spent nearly 9 hours in front of a Mac clicking about. I. was. in. heaven. I am to clicking a mouse as clicking a mouse is, to, err, Lenny. Oh ho what a topical joke. Some people go white water rafting, or make model aeroplanes or solve equations because they love the challenge of it all. This is how I feel about text boxes. And lines that don't match up. Good god the intense satisfaction when you've zoomed in to 1 pixel and you can spot the error, ISN'T IT JOYOUS?!

Numero quatro, I got another tattoo. That was nice.

Numero cinco, actually I've run out of mildly interesting topics and unless you want to hear about how I found a really decent deal on plastic wallets in Asda I think I'll leave it there.

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