Can't hack freshers.

I have a 16 piece cutlery set. 
What single man could ever need 16 pieces of cutlery in one go. I think this sums up my university experience, aka, I haven't got a bloody clue what I'm doing. Yesterday I managed to fit all my clothes into my room here in Bournemouth, and I think I was so overwhelmed with this achievement that I sort of stopped thinking about anything else. I'm worried, because I feel absolutely fine. I haven't wept for my old bed... I did some washing up. And now I'm sitting in my room surrounded by 36 packets of hula hoops that I got for a fiver and thinking this is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me.

I think I've been helped by the fact that I will literally talk to anyone; although what I end up saying to these people may become a hindrance as we all sober up next week and everyone begins to question why they accepted my friend request...3 minutes after meeting. Last night we got so drunk that we were all home by 1.30am. We tried to find the beach, which is a mere 5 minute walk away if you're not under the influence of sambuca, but got so lost that we ended up returning home, lying on the sofas and wondering if we're going to toughen up as the week goes on. I sure hope so because tonight is (have a bucket at the ready) 'back 2 skool night'. It's ok I vomited too. My pet hate of all fancy dress, but this is freshers and what's done is done, though I may just wear normal clothes, take a pound, and tell them I'm having a non uniform day for comic relief. 

I haven't cooked anything yet. Am going to see how long I can last and then, when I'm on my last legs, I'll break out the spaghetti hoops. I have the essentials, vodka and mixers, Sensations and a toothbrush. Freshers has my soul now.
These are my flatmates. They're not half bad you know.

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