Still can't hack freshers

Not a lot to report. Was home by 1.30am again. Had a mild panic attack when I thought my student finance hadn't gone through, but it turns out I was counting to 8 instead of 9. These next three years could be fun.

Today's plan was to pop into the uni campus for scones, but this turned out to be a Christian event, and no matter how good their jam/cream ratio is, I can't handle religion being forced down my throat in this fragile state. And I don't think the vicar/priest/grand high witch will appreciate their service interrupted as I chuckle my way through jesus-everywhere.tumblr.com. Check it out, you won't regret it, but you may run into trouble at the pearly gates.

So we're going to attempt another trip to the beach, there's a giant deckchair, I'm going to get a picture in front of it like a tourist, will upload later. Tonight is, hopefully, a much calmer 'acoustic fayre'. Though considering on Sunday night I attempted to play a stranger's guitar this could all end in tears. And a bad rendition of the James Bond theme tune.

p.s McDonald's in in Asda here. I am 100% dead pleased.

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  1. ha, definitely take food/drinks from the Christians! They used to give out free coffee in town in Durham; repeat the mantra; take it and walk, no need to talk ;)