So Freshers is almost over. There are still events happening next week, but as of Monday 24th September 2012, I am officially, properly, really full on studying at Bournemouth University. Holy hell.

Last night, was one of the best night's I've ever had out, like, ever. (you feel me Taylor Swift?) My ghetto/house/heavy/dubstep/folk/gospel (we're not entirely sure which) partner in crime and fellow Rachel, Miss Petrovics and I went to 'WAYF' aka We Are Your Friends. http://www.wayfclub.com/ If you ever get a chance to go to one of these nights, GO. I am a self confessed indie wanker, but even I enjoyed it. I'd like to say that I was drunk enough to forget that I do my top buttons up and enjoy country music, but I wasn't, I WAS TOTALLY SOBER. AND I DIDN'T GIVE A SHIT. WAYF has my soul now.

Tomorrow marks the start of term one at BU, introductions, enrollments and welcome talks galore. After nearly 3 months off, with no structure to my days bar the fact that The Big Bang Theory is on at 6, I'm itching to get back in and start working. Imagine I'll regret that when I'm snowed under with assignments, crying for the days when Leonard and Sheldon were my only distraction. But for now, I'm excited. Our first week includes a lecture on the US Election, I hope Obama is guest speaker. One of the major things to learn this year is shorthand. I saw some yesterday, it looks like hieroglyphics, so that should be fun. May just draw some baskets and eyes and sphinxes and call it quits. Apparently I have to practice for two hours every day to keep on top of it, hahahahahahahahahahaha. Oh god.

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