Bring on the oven.

Feel like I need some practice typing on my NEW IPAD. I'm sorry, I'll try not to be too dickish about it. The blogger app actually isn't that great so I may end up writing more from my laptop, but hey ho.

Enrolled officially this week. Now I have to do work and stuff, oh god. Task number one was create a professional twitter account so employers won't hate me as much as my other followers do. However haven't been able to separate my HILARIOUS personality entirely- one tweet and I've already mentioned bacon... @rachdoesjourno for anyone who's interested in seeing me write dead serious and that.

Freshers Fair tomorrow, going to get there bang on time in order to claim maximum freebies. Have been terrible student so far, what sort of fresher buys an iPad in their first week good god. However, student cooking wise, on top form as have yet to cook proper meal... That will all change tonight though, am going to attempt sweet and sour chicken, apologies in advance to fellow halls residents who may have to evacuate later...

Although, that said, I did buy a bag of mixed salad today so I'll probably survive another week or so. Wish me luck.

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