Have become so lethargic I can't even think of a title

But haven't posted for a while because I've been...wait for it...no seriously sit down or something...

...working. Sort of.

So far I have written more to-do lists than at any other time in my life, read books with dictionaries on side in order to understand what the hell is going on, and stress eaten a small elephant's body weight in crisps. In fact I'm not entirely sure it's even worth working on my assignments, because I'm pretty certain within the next few days my heart will explode. 

But I yolo on, hoping it will all come together without me even noticing. I joined Nerve's (our student magazine) design team which was nice. In the first session we ate lollipops and listened to Seal. I think I'm in the right place. I'll also get the chance to do gig reviews which will make me cool, right? Of course it will. I did some washing, (had a moment of mild panic when I thought I'd put everything in the tumble dryer first but luckily there's only a 2 in 7 chance of that happening) downloaded an ice age app that will single handedly destroy my degree and caught up on Paul O'Grady. It's been a productive week.

This Friday I head off to stay with my cousin for the weekend. We're going to see Wicked! (That wasn't lame enthusiasm, that's literally what it's called, Wicked! Like Panic!...........atthedisco, which was always stupid.) It'll be nice to get a change of scenery, can't believe I've been here nearly a month now, christ. And do you know I haven't seen a single fly in that time? This thought struck me at 2am this morning, have they all just disappeared? Please, if you've seen a fly, contact me.

Nothing more to report, need to get back to reading McNae's Essential Law for Journalists. Oh the deep, deep joy of defamation law.

OH. And I'm joining the gym later
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha what am I like eh

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