Proper learnin' and that

Today, Dan made us draw around our hands and feet and then complained that we hadn't learnt anything in half an hour. I learnt something. Dan is pure mental.

SEVEN hours in uni today, thanks for breaking me in gently. First task for news is to find an OAP and interview them about their 'earliest memories'. Aka frighten a poor old lady half to death, bombard her with personal questions and then ask her to take some selfies for my article. Well, maybe I'll take the pictures. I think I'm going to ask the security guard who's crossword I finished the other night, he's old, and so nice...I think...Sambuca may have clouded my judgement. I think features is going to be my favourite unit, glad to have an opportunity to write something decent, something other than the drivel I've been boring you all with.*

Shorthand, however, is a little bitch. But essential to get anywhere apparently. I'm not convinced. I doubt Kerry Katona ever learnt it and she had a column in OK! so it can't be that sought after. But this OK! we're talking about. I'll power through, I've already learnt the alphabet and can write it without hesitation whilst listening to Hilary Duff's (oh so underrated) album, so I'm doing well, right?

No more to report really, did I tell you I cooked fishcakes? I'm not bad at putting stuff in an oven as it turns out. Below are a few pictures of my recent meals that I instagrammed the shit out of so they look fancy and stuff.

                                                                           Good, eh?

*lol jk I'm perfect.

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